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Pre-Builders/Decorators Clean

You can use our fully trained professionals to undertake a one off clean before builders or decorators start work on your home. We undertake pre-builders/decorators cleans to thoroughly remove the dust and dirt before the decorating/building work starts, as it can spoil the quality of the finishes.

Builders/Decorators Clean

You can use our fully trained professionals to undertake a one off clean after your builders/decorators have finished working on your home. Myhome staff will carry out a deep clean to remove the dust that builds up and settles after the builders have finished. Removing the maximum amount of dust can be tricky and needs to be done carefully so as not to disturb the dust too much. We do this by using the following steps:

  1. We first use the vacuum (and attachments) to thoroughly vacuum every top, surface, ledge and floor. We do this carefully so as not to disturb too much dust.
  2. We then wet wipe all the tops, surfaces, and ledges which will remove most of the remaining dust.
  3. We then dry wipe all the tops, surfaces and ledges. This will ensure that any resettling dust will not stick to the surfaces.
  4. Finally the team will vacuum all carpeted floor and vacuum and mop all hard floors.

After builders cleans there is a high possibility of a slight resettling of dust over the days and weeks after the initial clean, Myhome will always be happy to book in a follow-up "regular clean" to deal with this - please let us know if this is of interest at the time of booking.

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